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    I have a Galaxy Note Pro (Verizon version, SM-P905V).
    I resisted the update from Kit Kat to Lollipop for a long time because I had unlocked a few things and didn't want to risk loosing those.
    On Kit Kat, my tablet's speakers sounded amazing (for thier size). They sounded good enough that, even as a music lover, I didn't hear enough improvement with small bluetooth speakers to bother carrying one (and I just used my stereo formbig sound at home). You could actually enjoy most music with my tablet's built in speakers. Crisp and clean, even at full volume. It just lacked a little bass, which is to be expected with small speakers, but there was SOME bass.

    So, last night, I finally flashed back to bone stock and pulled the trigger on the update to Lollipop. In this process, I also did a full wipe, so I'd have a nice, fresh tablet.
    First thing I noticed, is the sounds for the keyboard were quiet. I played some music, and it sounds like absolute s*** now. It's not only quieter, it's distorted. Despite being quieter, it sounds like the distortion you get from turning a stereo up too loud. It's aweful!
    Here's the strangest part... Google Hangout calls seem to be the one thing not affected by whatever has screwed over my audio quality. In fact, if music is playing when I take a hangouts call, it sounds decent (other than both things trying to play at once). So there is some change to audio that isn't applied when "in call volume" is being used.

    What I have tried:
    Switching between AwesomePlayer and NuPlayer in developer settings.
    Several different music players (the crap audio affects everything, including games and videos)
    Volume booster apps
    Equalizer apps
    Trying different volume levels
    Messing with audio settings in accessibility (I noticed the blanace control still doesn't work, but that's never worked, despite having stereo speakers on this thing)

    Please help. I'd go back to Kit Kat over this, but you can't flash a firmware older than what's installed (I learned that when tryingnto get back to bone stock to accept the update OTA. I had to flash the Lollipop firmware from the manufacturer)
    I'm willing to do anything to this tablet that doesn't blow my knox.

    Lollipop runs nice and smooth, but this crap audio makes me absolutely hate Lollipop.
    I'm considering making an insurance claim to get one with Kit Kat still on it, because this is aweful.
    02-24-2016 03:35 PM

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