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    It's a while I'm looking for a good App to remind the time of TV episodes and repeat time of them, yet none of the apps i tried worked fine for me
    most of these apps work as a database based that only cover the TV programs that they think most watch, based on a channel or TV or any, there is but countless App out there

    but what I'm looking for, is more like an Alarm clock for all TV programs I'm watching with repeat time, but when i watched some, i can deactivate rest of repeat time Alarms for that show, yet if i do it in a normal alarm clock, I end up on turning it off, again and again because there is too much repeating on those TV shows

    in other word, a to-do list that a job must be done in a weak, yet in special hours and if you do it once, no need to do rest of weak

    or a reminder that you can add programs and TV shows yourself
    thank you
    02-24-2016 06:02 PM

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