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    Hi Everybody!

    First time to androidcentral, hoping to get some advice on my Note4 Problem. I haven't had much time to research, so hoping to get some quick advice from anybody who knows android well.

    I've had my device for roughly 8 months. It's been great up until about 6 weeks ago. The battery still had 30% after a day of use and the device was really snappy. I've loaded it with several apps and games(which never seem to stop updating), most of the large ones are loaded to my Sandisk sd card. Lately, I've noticed while using an app, pressing the home button, scrolling pages, the device is really laggy, A simple home button click brings up the voice control sometimes. The device gets really warm sometimes on both sides. Every so often, probably about once or twice per day, the device seems to crash, and reboot. Sometimes just doing something simple like navigating through my text messages. The battery life is terrible. It seems to lose a percent for every minute of use, and I end up having to "top up the charge" about twice per evening to finish off the day. Do I have a virus? A phone overloaded with apps?

    I have CM security and AVG antivirus, but neither seems to find any viruses. My software is up to date. Its a Samsung SM-N910W8 with android 5.1.1 security patch level 2015-11-01. I've tried restarting and battery pulls, but nothing helps. It's slow, but my RAM sits at about somewhere between 1.64-1.92/2.73GB when the phone is idle.

    I've read a little bit online about factory resets as sometimes new software doesn't completely erase the old software and they conflict with each other. How do I make sure I backup properly? My contacts, texts are absolutely nessessary to retain, as is my progress in Clash of Clans... How do I go about doing this correctly, and restoring?

    Thank you so much in advance to everybody.
    02-24-2016 06:03 PM

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