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    I've been running the same ROM on my I-545 for a couple years now, but lately I've run into some bugs (Google Services chews through battery, SwiftKey no longer works, and a couple others) and I'd like to go ahead and nuke everything and start fresh.

    On galaxys4root.com there are plenty of ROMs but apparently SafeStrap is no longer the done thing because all of them caution that THIS ROM IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH SAFESTRAP, et cetera.

    My Google-fu is apparently weak, for I cannot find a succinct tutorial to help me through removing Safestrap and replacing it with CWM/TWRP so I can upgrade. Mostly I'm interested in a very simple ROM: I like a certain amount of customizability, but mostly I'm interested in efficiency and stability. I don't use the phone to play games or do anything terribly resource-intensive, so no overclocking or any such wizardry is necessary for me. An up-to-date vanilla Android ROM would be ideal.

    Does anyone here have any resources? I'd much appreciate it. I'm not exactly an Android genius, and the S4 has been frustrating from the get-go with its locked bootloader and all.

    Thank you!
    02-24-2016 08:34 PM

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