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    I have a Verizon Galaxy Note 4 that I had been using successfully with Android Auto on two different head units ever since like May of 2015. Worked great! In late January 2016, I needed to upgrade to Android 5.1.1 as dictated by corporate IT for the security updates, and I am not allowed to downgrade back to 5.0.

    In any case, after upgrading to 5.1.1, Android Auto still connects to the phone, and everything works with the exception of audio output. No sound comes through when using Android Auto, No navigation sound, no music, no reading of messages, nothing sound related, other than phone calls. It isn't that the volume is low, it just isn't there.

    I have seen a few other things on the net with others that have seen the same thing, and at least one of those folks "fixed" it by going back to 5.0, but that isn't an option for me. Someone else had said that it appeared as though something in the update may have scrambled up the audio channels or something like that because audio from the phone for music works great on a standard non android auto connection, but of course that doesn't help with the navigation directions and whatnot.

    Anyone seen this and might have a workaround? Thanks for reading!
    02-25-2016 10:54 AM

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