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    Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 and one of my favorite android features is Google Voice. It's so accurate these days and there are so many commands and things it can do for you I'm trying to use it more and more in my every day use. Personally the most useful application for Google Voice would be to allow me to control my phone while driving.

    The problem is as soon as I start driving it doesn't seem to respond very well. If the car is stationary (for example if waiting at traffic lights) Google Voice works perfectly but when the car is in motion it doesn't seem to be able to pick up the command phrase "Okay Google" and sometimes when it does it prompts me to retrain Google Voice. When driving my phone is connected through Bluetooth to the cars audio system and I have tried playing around with the option to use a Bluetooth headset for Google Voice. I have also tried placing the phone of a soft material (to minimize vibration) and turning the car audio system down in case the phone is picking up static or some kind of feed back. When driving my phone is only about 1m away from my mouth and my car is relativity quiet so I don't think my voice is being drowned out the engine or road noise.

    Is there anyway I can get this working?

    Thanks in advance for any help or advise you may have
    02-25-2016 03:41 PM

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