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    Standard htc one m9 with ATT. not rooted and up-to-date with android 5.1.

    I went to domincan republic for 2 weeks and I purchased the att passport package. Once I was there, I searched for networks and used the Claro 4g network over there the whole time. Once I return to the US, the phone refuses to automatically connect to the ATT network and continues to search for the claro network.

    What Ive done so far.
    -muliple restarts
    -remove sim
    -When I go into network operators, both options "search networks" and "select automatically" are greyed out and I cant select them
    -When the phone is restarted, the "network operators" screen pops up and lists ATT, sprint and verizon. But when I try select any of them, i get an error message saying "operation failed"
    -ive reset the APN to default multiple times

    Heres where it gets weird. I popped out the sim and put it into my htc one m7 and the phone works fine and connects to the att network. I can make calls and use the web. Once I place the sim back into the M9, it will connect to the att 4g network briefly. I can make a call to my voicemail very quickly once i gain service and it will work and I can browse the web during the call. Once the phone call hangs up, the connectivity bars slowly go down until i lose service and the a msg pops up saying "Claro Network unavailable". I can repeat this cycle over and over.

    I tried placing the sim card back in and resetting the APN right away a bunch of times. This actually allowed me to stay connected to the ATT network for a few days. HOWEVER, I had to restart the phone and I was back to square one.

    ATT was no help and they basically told me to hard reset the phone.

    Any advice?
    02-25-2016 06:15 PM

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