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    So, you may have heard that if you change your Google+ First name and Last name not user name 3x in 1 year, you would have to wait 2 years to change it again because Google thinks your impersonating people. And I want to fix that. So I searched up videos on YouTube and said you had to delete your account and start all over again. The account I need to delete is my DEFAULT Android Google account because it's the one I made a silly mistake on the name. Remember, not username. Now here's the actual question. If I delete my Default Google account when I first setted up my Android device, will the apps I downloaded from the play store from my Google account (I know right so confusing but I'm trying the best I can >_<) will be deleted or will still stay on my device but not able to use it? If so, how do I back them up on another Google account for example bob@gmail.com and then transfer the apps to the NEW Google account from bob@gmail.com. Please don't reply," Oh sorry I can't help you." Or "I had that problem before!" Because it's not helping me... Thanks for your responses!

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    02-27-2016 12:46 AM

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