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    OK So I have been Using Es File Explorer for sharing my Internal HHD's and it works fine, It sees them and can access them from 2 different PC's. So today since I was starting to run out of space on my desktops I decided to buy a 1TB External HHD that I could share on my network through my computer just like it's an internal drive. So I Plugged it in shared the drive and I can see and access it from my other desktop no issues but on ES File Explorer I can see the Drive when I try to open it nothing happens no error or this resource isn't available. Anyone have any clues on why this program can see the drive but can't access it? Usually if its a permissions problem it will say you don't have permissions, also my other computer would have the same issue but nope it just shows it, but it goes no where when clicked. Hoping someone else has had this issue and has some Ideas on how to fix it?
    02-28-2016 02:27 AM

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