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    Okay. So Recently, I had gotten an android phone and it was working fine till one day I decided to root it I had gotten all the apps that can control my phone. Then one day I had gotten an app that can delete system apps. I then thought to my self one day what If I looked in it to see how cool it was. Then by mistake I well I thought I deleted an important system piece so I freaked out and decided to open the Play Store and it closed automatically then I said well what if I get rid of root I didn't work then I decided factory reset and when I started my phone it said "Unfortunately, the process com.google.process.gapps has stopped." Twice, but I decided to look things online when none of these things work of how to fix not realizing the thing in front of me till one day I open my system settings and find in my applications scrolled over to all and all the way down to a system application that has permissions to control my phone and close applications. So, how do I get rid of it? Or is it that I messed it up?
    03-05-2016 07:17 AM
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    Welcome to the forums!

    Your best bet is to restore the backup you made after rooting and before tinkering with the phone. Otherwise, you'll possibly need to restore the stock version of the phone.
    03-05-2016 08:17 AM

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