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    I just got this tablet, which is currently stuck on the google logo with a booting failed in the upper right corner. It won't go into recovery.

    When I tried to flash a factory image, I keep getting a connectivity issue. I can successfully use command. The nexus is unlocked, but not usb debugged as I was never able to successfully turn it on to the home screen. Every time I try to fastboot flash (using Nexus Root Toolkit), I keep getting an error "There appears to be a connectivity issue preventing a successful fastboot operation." I only have 2 different cables and 3 different ports, none of which work. When I got this tablet I got a charging cable and wall plug in with it and I'm assuming that it's not the official nexus 7 charging/sync cable. I saw one on amazon for like $30 and was wondering if I would have to get it? Would that solve the connection issue?

    I am unable to unlock, root, lock, flash stock, push/pull files, or do almost anything with the toolkit. Because of the connectivity issue. If I use commands with the command prompt then I can unlock/lock my device but I can't flash anything to it.
    03-05-2016 11:35 AM

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