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    Hi all, I have read a lot ... but I stay a newbie !
    I have only access to the original recovery but can't reinstall a system.
    (Acer don't propose official rom on internet)

    Only access to adb sileload (from recovery) and fastboot but ... all my tries attempts failed.
    Idem with a update.zip on sdcard.
    By example when using adb sideload from my recovery screen :
    Now send the package you want to apply to the device with
    adb sideload update.zip .... (*)
    Installation aborted
    Question : perhaps I must sign update.zip ? if yes ... could you help me ? thanks !!!

    (*) with update.zip containing system.img + android-info.txt

    ... and in android-info.txt
    03-05-2016 11:54 AM
  2. Hanterdroid's Avatar

    1/ Acer Z 160 has a Mediatek processor

    2/ and SP Flashtool can access Mediatek processors

    3/ Flash a rom with spft
    03-07-2016 10:48 AM

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