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    Moto X 2015 XT1575
    Android Version 6.0
    Build MPHS24.49-18-3

    Google Photos Version

    This is killing me, I have a lot of reference photos on my phone for work, but I can't access them reliably. When I open the photos app, all of my photos show up perfectly, and I can view any of them that I want with no issues. After about 5 seconds however, about 80% of them just disappear, poof, gone. I can still view some of my photos, but after a certain date they are all just gone. If I close the app and terminate it by swiping it away, then re-open it, they will all show up again for another 5 seconds, then once again, poof, gone. The photos are still on my google drive, and I can see them all via my laptop through the photos webapp, but they just keep disappearing from my phone.

    I tried clearing the Photos App cache to no effect.
    I did a factory reset on the device back when this happened before, and it seemed to have fixed it, but the app just updated today and the problem is back. I'm really not looking forward to having to do yet another factory reset on the device, and was hoping someone else knew of a fix for my issue. The photos that do still show up are also stored in my google drive, not on my device, so I'm really not sure why it shows some but not all of the cloud stored images.

    I'll continue to update this post as I try more things, but I'm on the clock so my responses may be delayed. Any and all suggestions are welcome!
    03-05-2016 05:08 PM

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