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    Hey guys! I broke my Galaxy S4:s lcd and digitilizer and i really just want to see what im doing to punch in my pin-code and get my pictures out.. So here is my question. Will another screen work too on the galaxy s4? For example galaxy s3:s screen or s2? Or minis? Was thinking of buying a used older galaxy version and use its screen to do my filebackup. Ofcourse it wont work right?

    Thanks in advance,

    03-06-2016 03:59 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central!

    Unfortunately you can't use another device to pull the data as you are describing. Since you are in a boot loop you won't be able to connect it to a computer and extract the data. Your best bet is to have the device repaired (if possible) to access the data that way.
    03-06-2016 05:11 PM

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