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    I have an HTC A9, purchased in November 2015. My question is anyone else having problems with HTC Sense crashing. My phone has been crashing since I have had it. The real kicker here is that this is my third phone (yes, Sprint did replace phone twice, only after an exhaustive trial of removing apps that I downloaded, one at a time, and waiting until the next day to find out if it helped), and it still crashes every morning. It crashes within 10 minutes after I unplug the power cord, and while utilizing almost any app or function. The only way to get rid of the error message is to restart the phone. I'm not sure if the reports get to HTC since their reps can't look them up. When I called HTC they had me clear data in "Sense Home," which did not help. HTC wants the phone for a minimum of 10+ working days from the time they receive it. Plus they want me to pay to have it sent to them. I'm reluctant to do so since it appears there is a software problem they should be able to fix, through a patch, like Sprint advised me HTC was in the process of doing.
    03-10-2016 04:57 PM

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