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    There are a couple forums about lowering resolution on the Nexus 6 to 1080p or 720p which dramatically increased the battery life.

    When I look at my battery for the 6p through the Google breakdown, the individual %s don't add up to the total missing %. When I use a third party battery % breakdown apps I can see most of that missing % is from the screen.

    I know you can turn down brightness and lower screen timer blah blah blah but the only real difference maker in my experience is the resolution change. So has anyone tried or will anyone try it?

    If you need to reference the old way to do it this just Google search "nexus 6 resolution 720p battery". Its the first link from IB Times.

    There's another that talks about 1080p but I can't find it. It's the same method just with the proportional resolution and dpi.

    Please help and thank you.
    03-11-2016 01:47 AM

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