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    There was a download on my account it showed up on my phone screen thats how i saw it from facebook my info the hotmail link went to my gmail. But i have a yahoo connect to my fb and didnt download anything

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    03-11-2016 07:35 AM
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    It sounds like spam or phishing. Most likely an app you installed is after something. Info, your password, or wants you to install another app. I'm having a very hard time understanding exactly what happened either because you aren't using punctuation or your terminology is off. No offense. You have a Yahoo "connect" to your Facebook? Do you mean "account" tied to your Facebook? Is it opening your Facebook? My guess is that it either wants you to open Facebook, connect to Facebook, or give it permission to access your Facebook. Again this sounds fishy and seems like some kind of phishing scam. Review your recently downloaded apps and check their reviews for similar issues and get rid of the problem app. If this is a notification, an app like "Airpush" can tell you if an app is using push notifications to spam you. Look for push notification detectors at the Play Store. Any other info you can provide could also help us help you.

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    03-11-2016 09:53 AM
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    I have been having many privacy issues to many. On my main screen of my phone i saw download complete when i looked it took me to my files there it had hotmail download when i clicked it it was all my face book info . I only have a yahoo account connected to my face book and one gmail mail account that backs my phone up

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    03-11-2016 10:04 AM
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    Screen shot

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    Attached Thumbnails hotmail download on my Google account-767.jpg  
    03-11-2016 10:06 AM
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    I can't explain how it would have your Facebook info unless it requested access to your Facebook account and you granted it access. So these are the steps I would take in this order; open your app drawer, it is most likely the center button at the bottom of your homepage, in the upper left of your app drawer there's an option to sort, sort your apps by recent. This will show you the last things to be installed. Go to the Play Store and see what the reviews are on, say the last 5, which will be the first 5 in the list. So the first one in your app drawer is actually the last app to be installed, see? I'd only look at the 1&2 star reviews of those apps. See if any mention issues like this and if they do, uninstall that app. You'll also want to note these 5 apps for a step that comes a little later. Next go to your file manager and delete the downloaded file. It's an html file which just means that it opens a web page so I wouldn't think anything was installed on your device but we're going to look at that too. Open your settings and look under your security tab. Look for install from "unknown sources". Unless you're getting apps from the web, Amazon, or some other source besides the Play Store this box should be unchecked. If it's checked and you're not getting apps anyplace else uncheck it. Now you can do this next step from your device or on a pc, I just don't know how to do it from a pc with any good details. Open Facebook. In the app you'll touch the 3 lines upper right, you should see view account, towards the bottom of that page find and touch account settings. Near the bottom of that page touch "apps". The first one is "logged in with Facebook", touch that and compare those 5 apps from before to that list. Then you'll have to ask yourself do I trust all of these apps? If anything seems questionable get rid of it. While you're here you may want to look at "apps others use" and control what other see about you. That's optional. Then either in app or from a pc I would change my Facebook login password. You might also want to look into Facebook's security features. They have a nice one that lets you know when and where your account is accessed from. It will send your texts and/or emails any time your account is accessed from a new location. It's not annoying or anything as long as ok the location. This way if someone has hacked your account and try to login you'll know. You can also see where you're currently logged in and terminate any old or suspect locations. Now go to your phone settings again. Touch "accounts and sync" check these apps. Anything here seem out of place, hopefully by this point you've uninstalled the rouge app but just in case you haven't found the need to get rid of anything this is another opportunity to feel a little safer. Just like before if there's anything here you don't like or seems out of place you can take care of it. When you're all done restart your device. Post back any issues you had so that others can benefit from your experience.

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    03-11-2016 02:25 PM
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    Thank you i will try and post what happens

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    03-11-2016 03:25 PM

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