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    I am a die hard Android guy that has been taking the iPhone 6S+ for a spin the past 6 months. I got my S7 Edge yesterday and I have to say it is indeed a very beautiful phone. It is waterproof, smaller with the same screen size, faster and has a better display than the iPhone 6S+. I find most Android apps to be better than the equivalent iPhone app.

    The one thing that is getting to me about the S7 Edge is Notifications, or lack there-of.

    The always on display does not support notifications from third party vendors. It wakes on receiving an SMS but does not wake when receiving other notifications. I suspect that only the Samsung apps have the ability to wake the device to display the notification. Even with the "Always On" display disabled none seem to wake the phone to display the notification (Outlook, Facebook, Messenger etc)

    I want my notifications to wake the device and display on the screen without me needing to interact with the device. I normally have my phone on silent at work, and rely on the screen waking up to tell me about incoming notifications. My iPhone displays the notification right away, so I can decide to interact with it or just ignore it. With the Edge I would have to interact with the phone every time just to see what the notification was.

    I have tried several pop up/notification apps today with varying levels of success. This may actually be a deal breaker for me and I may end up returning the S7 Edge and go back to my 6S+....... not something that I expected given I am a die hard Android fan.

    If someone has a solution, then I am willing to try it out.
    03-12-2016 01:48 AM
  2. jason hendry1's Avatar
    its not just always on display. If you turn that off you still don't get most notifications. Sma and missed calls work, they pop out of the always on display or the black screen and bring up lock screen with said notification, just a shame it isnt whats app, skype, emails, calender reminders lol. I love this phone but notifications is such a basic function and for it to be missing is inexcusable on such a great and expensive phone. I'm actually retu=rning the s7 with reluctance and going back to my windows Lumia 930 that does have fantastic notifications system just like my iPhone do. I will miss the app eco system too. I am looking forward to getting Cortana back though. looks like ill be waiting for the s8 edge or a new windows phone that blows me away, but it needs great notifications
    08-15-2016 06:40 AM

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