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    I recently wanted to put Android on my gear s. I downloaded all the necessary files to do so, so I went on ahead. I got on Odin and loaded up the TWRPONLY.TAR file and hit start. Everything was going fine until the status bar was complete. Fail appeared on Odin and the status bar never completed, the phone never rebooted. I instantly got regret after the second try and decided to go into recovery mode. There gear works, it still has Tuareg. However, when I go to download mode it says that the binary is custom. I can't update the gear through the gear manager because a pop-up appears saying that the gear had been modified.
    I'm currently not running into any problems except that on the music widget there used to be a music bubble icon that would appear on the right corner whenever I played music. The bubble is the same bubble that appears on the home screen when I play music, but it's not appearing on the music widget itself.
    My question is this. If I flash my gear s to stock, will it fix all these issues? And if so, can anyone give me the necessary files to do so? I have the AT&T version, I sim unlocked it. Don't know if that helps...
    03-12-2016 12:01 PM

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