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    Hi, there.

    I own an Alcatel POP 2 (5), rebranded NOS ROYA, and I'm having some trouble with battery drain, charging and unexpected behaviour:

    1-My battery, when fully charged, may last around 40 minutes in standby, or very little use, or around a day. (at the same place, same signal intesity).

    2-Sometimes, when I charge my cell, it charges till 100% and dies... it does not shutdown, just goes pitch black...

    3-Sometimes, when my phone is charging while it's on, when I unplug the cable, it dies. Yet again, it does not shutdown - just dies. And while having around 90% battery...

    4-Phone suddenly dies when in standby, or when in use, for no apparent reason, and with battery remaining.

    5-It pops up wake up alarms for hours that is not programed to, and whatever option I choose, it shutdown the phone (does not die, shutdown properly).

    I just don't know what to do...

    03-15-2016 08:48 PM

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