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    when I do the power+volume up+menu button it goes to the download screen and

    Odin Mode.
    Binary: Samsung Official
    System Status: Official
    Knox Kernel Lock: 0x0
    Knox Warranty Void: 0x0
    CSB-Config-LSB: 0x30
    Write protection: enable
    eMMC burst mode enabled

    That is on the upper corner. I got an unlock code from ATT to unlock the phone but I'm trying not have it rooted or anything. Im not sure if all this Odin Mode stuff happened when I got the unlock code and I just didn't noticed. It wasn't there before until yesterday. I was freaking out cause I thought I was being hacked or something. My phone did scanned and detected "wssyncmlnps" and I heard it was nothing but then it was detected google Resolver and told me to uninstall and everything when out of wack and the custom lock icon began showing up.
    03-15-2016 09:03 PM

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