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    I was having some problems with my Note Edge, so I went out and bought a Galaxy S7 Edge on release day. Now I am experiencing the same problems with the S7. I had been setting alarms on my phone which I would wake up late without ever hearing them go off. Later I managed to catch them doing it. The alarm would go off, but there would be no audio and it would just vibrate. One night, I set 3 alarms. I woke up with all of them having gone off without sound and leaving notifications that they were missed. I had also missed 6 phone calls. I did not have the phone in do not disturb mode. The volume for everything was turned almost all the way up. So after that night, I decided there must be something wrong with the speaker like a short or loose cable. I bought the S7 Edge and tonight the same thing happened. I have been trying to troubleshoot it. I use a Gear S2 watch with it, and I had hooked up my LG HBS750 bluetooth headset the other day. I had the headset turned off when this happened. I have also turned off bluetooth altogether with the same results. The only way that I have been able to get sound out of it with an alarm or call is to turn on the headset. The sound for the alarm then comes through the headset, still no sound on the phone. Turning up media and playing a game provides sound through the phone without the headset connected. What am I doing wrong??? How can I fix this???
    03-16-2016 12:49 AM

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