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    Hello all. I have a problem. In January I purchased a new s5 thru Telus my service provider. Feb 1 I had to send away because it would not stay connected to my WiFi at home or at the office. Received new phone and second phone does the same thing. Telus came to house aND installed new router even though all my other wireless products work fun on old one. March 2 tired new Samsung s5 received. It still will not stay connected to wifi. I have spent nurmous hours on the phone with tech support thru Telus and Samsung and still no resolution. Telus sending phone number 4.
    What the heck am I missing. I have tried everything from clear cache to factory reset while phone hooked up to laptop. Any new ideas would be so helpful
    Thank you
    03-16-2016 01:13 AM

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