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    Hello, my Z3v was downloading/installing the Lollipop firmware over night and when I checked in the morning the phone was stuck in boot loop.
    Following the SONY logo screen, it immediately goes into "Error - Update Failed" and it keeps repeating the loop if plugged in to the wall charger (if not, it shuts off shortly after). I have tried recovery mode but it doesn't work (tried both Power + Volume Up and Power + Volume Down), it immediately goes to the dead android robot with "Error-Update Failed" screen and repeat.
    I have tried PC Companion, however there is no Z3v in the available device recovery list, and based on the search neither Verizon or Sony is providing support for the device? which is just plain ridiculous. I can get as far as having the "Upgrading, do not disconnect device from PC" screen when connected to the PC Companion while I have to choose the restore device (again, no Z3v so can't proceed any further from here).
    My question is -
    1. Is there a way to access the folders in the phone to retrieve data from it? My guess is not while in boot loop since it keeps disconnecting but a way to do it on the "Upgrading" screen?
    2. If I don't mind the hard wipe, is there a way to get this fixed? Verizon technician gave up after 3+ hours of trying...

    Thank you so much!
    03-16-2016 10:30 AM

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