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    Hello everyone!
    Recently I bought my new phone Spirit H440n. My problem is that the phone does not charge normally. When using the original charger which came with the phone (or any other charger) it charges EXETREMLY slowly. I don't get the "phone is charging slowly" message.

    When the phone is not in use it takes about 6-7 hours to got from 0% to 100%.
    When it is turned of it takes about 4-5 hours.
    When I use an USB cable to charge it takes about 3 hours.
    Sometimes the phone doesn't even charge a single % but it says "charging".

    What can be the cause of the issue? MicroUSB port or some kind of software fault?

    The phone was never droped neither in water so no damage at all.

    Any help is very welcome!
    Thanks in advance Peter!
    03-17-2016 01:37 PM

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