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    I think I just made a big mistake. I've been flashing since the Windows Mobile days but recently I started using encryption for the first time on my Galaxy S3. I was running a Lollipop AICP rom. I decided to try one of the newer Marshmallow roms today, hoping they improved since I last tried. I did a quick Google search to see if there was anything I needed to do since I am using encryption and I saw that I just needed to do a factory reset.

    Like an ***** I didn't do enough research to find out that it isn't quite that simple when running a custom rom. I am running TWRP as my recovery btw.

    Anyway, I went to do the factory reset and now my phone just keeps flashing Teamwin. The image is solid and then flickers about 5 seconds later on a loop. I can't get into recovery using the hard buttons commands.

    Did I just brick my device or is there a way to fix this?
    03-18-2016 09:48 PM
  2. srkmagnus's Avatar
    Are you able to boot into download mode? If so, then maybe you can factory restore via Odin and get back to stock.
    03-18-2016 10:53 PM

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