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    to all of you.
    I stop using Whatsapp on 5th March, now yesterday, I factory resest my phone start the whatsapp but forget to restore the previous backup, when the messages start coming I realized the mistake, I switched off the wifi, and uninstall the whatsapp, after that I again install whatsapp, this time it restore the backup, and when the I switched on the wifi, some messages came, when I checked the messages after 5th of March, the 14 march messages came, no messages came for the period of 6th, march to 13th march in every group or in every contact, I think that messages showed up early when I forget to restore the backup, Now, please friends tell How I can get the missing messages back as I lost some very important messages that are very much critical.Please help.Hope to see reply soon.Thank You.
    03-19-2016 01:38 PM

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