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    I just upgraded to the Nexus 5x from an iPhone 4 because I wanted to try Android out and I was bored of iOS. I like the phone so far, but being a noob to Android there are still a few things I haven't quite figured out since the 5x doesn't have any of the bloatware that I presume other Android phones have. Here we go.

    -When first opening the Gmail app it will go to the last selected email account's inbox by default, but I have 3 email accounts and would like it to automatically go to "All Inboxes" by default. Is there a way to do this with Gmail or do I need a different app?

    -I've noticed when I receive any notification that my screen and the notification light will illuminate every 4 seconds or so. I find this pretty annoying because sometimes I won't immediately pick up my phone but it will continue to do this. Can I make it so the screen and light only illuminate once when I receive a notification?

    -I want my default navigation app to be Waze, but when using the "OK Google" feature to find directions it will go to Google Maps by default instead. I've tried uninstalling Maps and setting Waze to default but it doesn't seem to work with "OK Google". Any suggestions?

    -How can I change the emoji's on the phone without rooting it? The default ones are so ugly.

    -Is it possible to manually add parcels to track on the Google screen (when you swipe right)? I thought parcels being added automatically was a cool feature but it seems to only work with Google purchases.

    -And finally, how can I add notification badges and banners to the phone? I've found a few apps but it seems you either get a bunch of bloatware or can't add the icon to the dock.

    I'm still trying to figure out Android. It seems like there is an app for every little thing that should be on the phone by default, but I guess that's part of the Nexus 5x being sort of bare bones. I know this is a lot to answer, and I will appreciate any help. Thanks!
    03-19-2016 06:33 PM

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