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    about device; status is greyedout/ software version/hardware version/ model numberandroid version baseband version/ kernel version/build number then status/ is all greyed out i.e battery status/battery level/netsignal strength/mobile network type/ service state/mobile network service state/my phone number/min/prl version/meid/ iccid/ip address greyed out but changesfrom192 to 194 to fe80wifi mac address/ bluetooth/up time/ device status.the most messed up is that someone used cell and put accts w/o my knowledge or permission. I can not get into my device storage files. the cell was purchased in March,2015 I know someone messed it up puposely. i can not get this off and do not want to reboot and lose this information. please help, I honestly use my cell for texting, talking and vogue,elle. thank you
    03-20-2016 02:29 AM

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