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    I'm an iPhone and BlackBerry user. I have an iPhone 6 128gb and a BlackBerry Q10. Love both for its own purpose. My iPhone gets me all the media I need, while the BlackBerry serves as quick communication tool. The Q10 is my handy device, I can use it with one hand and being 4G I was able to load all the content I needed. It was the first phone I use because BlackBerry 10 has some shortcut features that I love such as the swipe gestures. I was able to keep up with some absences such as Periscope app, or even Insta**** and some other. But in the recent days, battery drains and malfunctioning of the OS with serious lagging and crashing, and loosing Facebook and soon Whatsapp has made me impossible to continue. I really would like to sidegrade to the BlackBerry Classic but is just not enough, is the same processor and the same ram and internal memory, is not enough.

    I'm not asking for another Qwerty phone, I know that is impossible to conceive, nor for you to understand the delight I had while writting on my BlackBerry. I just need a small powerfull enough Android cellphone that can provide me with the most important use for me, one hand use. Is there a default cellphone that you all know to fulfill my requirements? I'm totally out of the loop when it comes to Android, so please forgive me if my ignorance offends you. I need it to be small.
    03-20-2016 09:19 AM

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