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    My Sony Z3 died on me today, seems as though its a hardware failure with the main antenna as I cannot get data services at all. Sony and Rogers Wireless have both tried troubleshooting, but it seems I need to send it in, and its off warranty. Luckily there are some great promotions right now that make the need to get a new phone a lot less painful. The estimated cost for repair is pretty close to a new phone, so I'm looking now. ($300 on contract price)

    Before lunch I was pretty much convinced my new device would be a Priv. I've owned more Blackberries than anything else and I was never happy with a Samsung phone in the past, touchwiz just takes away so much from Android, especially after running the Z3 where I find Sony raped the OS quite a bit less.

    For me the Priv is borderline too big, the Z3 with case was about as large a phone as I want. The Priv is already slightly larger than that. I keep reading that the battery is also disappointing and it like to heat up. The Z3 has a fantastic battery, and for a very heavy user like me I'm usually around 20% when I put it on charge around 10pm (taking it off charge @ 6am). The camera response is also pretty important, and I hear it lacks in this department.

    The Galaxy S6 Edge 64gb has recent caught my eye though. However, with no expandable memory I'll hit that 64gb really really quick. I also really have not liked Touchwiz, with my last Touchwiz device being a Note 4, and we weren't not friends for long (mostly because of the size!!!) Battery I hear is better, and the camera I hear is one of the best out there.

    Then there is the OnePlus X, which I just love the look of and the size is nice too. But it's a bit of an unknown... I also just realized as I'm typing this that it's more than an S7 if I were to go that route...

    Rogers has the following handsets available:
    S6 - 128gb
    S5 Edge - 32gb

    that are not Phablet sized... and I argue the Priv is probably pretty much there....
    03-21-2016 12:52 AM

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