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    I currently own a Samsung Stratosphere 2 w/a Qwerty board (which no longer will type out punctuation & symbols). Everything about this phone is horrible. It will switch on & off w/my apps, on websites, etc. It only has 8GB & the camera is junk. My daughter got an extra Samsung Galaxy S5 for her son around a year ago, but in the meantime has purchased an iPad for him. I have used & inspected the phone & it seems like it is brand new. I love everything about it & the camera is amazing! All my daughter is asking is for me to pay her monthly installments of $20.00 for less than a year. Her carrier is AT&T & when I called I asked if I could switch her number to my own cell phone number as we live in different states & they said absolutely. Should I have any concerns about this doing this? Is this phone as great as I believe it is? The latest Consumer Reports lists it as the best bang for your buck. One of my concerns is that we do not have an AT&T provider where we live. I'm not sure what to do if something went wrong with it. Please help me make this decision. Thanks!
    03-22-2016 05:30 PM

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