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    Before upgrading to Marshmallow my S6 and my Ford Sync were a marriage made in heaven. Since one of them decided to try and keep up with the Joneses and upgrade to the latest version of Android (6.0.1) only some of the contacts show.

    I've tried clearing the cache, forcing the contacts app to stop, rebooting the phone, unpairing and repairing the phone, none of which has worked.

    Not sure what is causing it. when the call comes into the phone, the number calling shows correctly on the Ford display, it just doesn't show the associated name. All other aspects seem to be working correctly (ie dial out, dial from the limited phone book, etc). It just doesn't show all the Outlook contact list that I use as my main contact list.

    What I think may be causing the issue is that some of the contacts may be in a different account to the others, and when the phone is allowing the Ford system access to the contacts it is giving preferential treatment to one of the contact accounts but not all. I can't find any options within the phone to flag which contact list I want the phone to use.
    03-22-2016 06:38 PM

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