1. AC Question's Avatar
    So far I've tried reformatting my phone for so many times now.
    I've tried cleaning it with alcohol.
    And I've also tried letting it be on its own for awhile hoping it will just disappear.
    But it still won't stop.
    It's already to the point that i cant use it anymore since everytime i open it, it starts clicking and opening apps i'm not even trying to open
    And when i try to write messages, it will continuously keep on typing on letters and won't stop.
    03-22-2016 11:36 PM
  2. the tall guy's Avatar
    Sounds like your phone is possessed. What phone do you have, has it received any physical or water damage?
    03-23-2016 03:49 AM
  3. Lucianguy's Avatar
    i have a lg g4 and it does the same thing. I've rebooted on a number occasions and still won't stop opening apps and typing on it's own..What else can i do?
    06-03-2016 10:41 AM

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