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    So, I had an old S4, decided using it, worked for a couple weeks, then it just wouldn't turn on.
    I'm far from being an expert, I did some research and I understand that its "soft bricked" (not hard bricked, phew!)
    It starts, you see the "Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500" screen, and then just turns off.
    If I try the recovery boot menu, it wont work, it'll just have the "Downloading, dont turn off target" screen, without the Odin mode, and if I try the download boot, it'll go into the odin mode, which is fine and it's supposed to happen, right?

    The thing is when I go to Odin, and try to install the stock firmware, I've tried with and without a PIT file, I've tried with three different USB cords, on two different computers, with three different versions of Odin and with and without the WinXP compatibility mode ON and OFF. I've checked and unchecked the "auto reboot" and "f reset time" boxes, and I've never touched the other boxes (like nand and flash and led)

    Odin will always recognize my phone, which is awesome, I always see the message "Added!"

    Once I run Odin, which by the way is picky, it'll stay stuck always here
    ""There is no PIT partition""
    And also it has gotten stuck here
    "Complete(Write) operation failed."
    "Get pit for mapping (this was the most frequent one until I just always got the first one)"

    This is getting extremely annoying.

    I am almost positive I have the correct stock firmware, I got it from the samsung-updates.com website I downloaded the 5.0.1 version, I am curently downloading the 4.4.2 version, just to see what happens.
    I do not know what the hell is a PIT file, I am using an "adonis" whatever that I found on some forum.
    I also tried to "install" the recovery menu, with a "Philz Touch" TAR MD5 file I found, but I have no idea what that is (also, it didn't work)

    Just to double check with you, its a Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500, I do not know which version of android was running, also, i do not know if USB debugging is on or off.


    Product Name: GT-i9500
    Current Binary: Samsung Official
    System Status: Official
    Knox Warranty Void: 0
    AP SWREV: A3
    03-25-2016 02:38 PM

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