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    My phone (LG G3 running 5.0.1) has been doing this really weird thing lately. When I get a push notification (I've noticed it happens frequently with Snapchat in particular), my screen will come on (as it should), but won't go off after the normal 5 second window or whatever it is.

    It's really inconvenient because if I get a snapchat and don't check my phone for a few hours, my battery will be totally drained because the screen will have been on the whole time.

    I've noticed it both in and out of pocket, so it's not like the screen comes on and I'm pressing the knock code or anything like that while it's in my pocket. It can be sitting flat on the desk and the screen won't go off.

    Happens both when charging and when not, but not all of the time. Messaging has also had a similar effect, but less often than snapchat. Not many other push notifications cause my screen to come on, so I haven't noticed it otherwise.

    Has anyone come across this before, or have any ideas about what I could do to fix this? Thanks in advance!
    03-25-2016 06:02 PM

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