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    It's really hard to find any concrete information about how dock-state is set but as best I can tell each model is different. Some use magnets with different polarity to distinguish car dock from desk dock, some use NFC, some use ??? Dock-state is important for Dream Mode for example so when you plug your phone into your desk dock it displays a nighttime clock or whatever you want. With my old Galaxy phones they recognized my car dock and give me an alternate launcher suited for driving (easy access to Nav for example). Apps like Tasker can do very powerful things depending on dock-state.

    I can't yet find any accessories for my Nexus 6P that set the dock-state either for a desk dock or a car dock. Which raises the questions:

    Does the Nexus 6P hardware even support a dock setting dock-state?

    Do any such docks exist yet?
    03-26-2016 05:40 PM

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