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    Let's say for example I set an embedded album art for a song, the album art shows up fine at first. The problem is when I change the embedded art for that file, it will still show the album art from the original embedded file. If I change the album title of the song, not even just the song title, but the album title, it will refresh to the new album art. But if I then go back to the original album title it reverts back to the original album art. No amount of restarting the app or phone or clearing data or cache does anything. The only thing that did was restoring the phone to factory settings.

    Is it really that hard to get this right? Why is it that the apple music app of 10 years ago was light years ahead of these stupid android music apps today? I bought a samsung galaxy s7 edge because I was tired of not having expandable memory and I have a vast music collection I want to keep on my phone but android makes it next to impossible to organize and use everything I feel like I just wasted $800. I guess I should have waited for the 256 gb iphone 7?

    Is there something I can do with this stupid app to make it easier to use?
    03-26-2016 07:27 PM

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