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    I performed an update yesterday that was pushed out to my phone. It was the Marshmello update. The phone has a unlocked padlock with green and blue rotating circles. I let it run plugged in but the battery eventually died. I rebooted hitting the power and down button, but it goes right back to the padlock screen.

    My phone had encryption on it before the Marshmello update.

    How do I get it to boot all the way up? Or get rid of the padlock? Its been doing the same thing now for 24 hours...

    Thanks for any help!!!
    03-27-2016 06:18 AM
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    Hi, Welcome to Android Central!

    I've never experienced what you're dealing with, but here are a few things to try, to perhaps get you out of that.

    1. Remove battery while phone is on; while battery is out, press & hold power button for 5 seconds. Power back on.
    2. If you can reboot into recovery, try a "wipe cache partition." Will not lose any data.
    3. Take the phone to any Bestbuy (that has Samsung counter) and they should be able to reset it, they'll be glad to help.
    3. The least favorite of all, to which I do after "any" major update, Full Factory Reset from within recovery.

    Hope this helps, and please be sure to register with us, its free! :-D

    03-27-2016 07:02 AM

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