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    I took the option on my Motorola Moto G to add my 32GB micro SD as internal storage. It did warn me that I should use a faster card for this, but I thought I did and went ahead. And I guess it is encrypted now. And I have files on it of course.

    If I do decide to replace the card with a faster one, how can I save the files on it? What would be the steps to upgrading the card, in other words. Would I be able to run a Backup type program and then restore it after replacing the card? What if the Backup program gets installed on the card, since I now no longer have control over whether an app gets installed on the SD card or the original internal memory. If the card went bad, how would one replace it?

    Just wonderin'. Not having a problem at the moment.
    03-28-2016 01:05 PM

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