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    Hi. I am going mad with this... I have searched all over to try and find an app where you can fully adjust the Colour Saturation and Contrast individually on a particular manual mode (I need this for photographing/advertising).

    This would save me having to manually edit 100's of photos every week.
    My digital camera does it but I am sick of having to use that and my phone and take both everywhere.

    The mode settings (like 'scenery' etc) aren't enough and I mean a mode to take the photos in the first place not edit them afterwards. There seems to be an app that does everything else I don't need!

    I use a Samsung s4 mini at the moment and was going to upgrade but I still can't see any phone that does this (I would like to stick with Samsung but don't mind Sony).

    I don't mind paying if it does the job.

    Thanks for any help
    03-30-2016 02:16 PM

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