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    Ok, since switching to Cricket, the service has been good. The phones suck. Usually is the very limited space that seems like the OS uses all the space so I can't install a single app. I first bought an HTC that I think had 4 GB of internal memory and the OS used up all of it. Only way I could install an app was to open every factory installed app and uninstall the updates to create enough space so I could install it then move it to the SD card but later the updates would reinstall so I would have to do that everytime!

    I returned it and got a Samsung Galaxy S4 and that started out OK. it had 16 GB of internal storage and the combination of that and rooting it and linking most apps to the SD card, the storage wasn't a concern at all. But something happened to it and the GPS quit working. It couldnt locate me. I have many posts out there trying to figure that one out. Took it to the Cricket store and spent a long time on the phone with Cricket support. I got no answers. They didn't know why the GPS didn't work.

    So, yesterday I went out and bought a BLU Studio G phone. So far it's nice. The only two visible complaints I have about it is the screen is big but the resolution is low so the display is always a little fuzzy. Also, why would any manufacturer put the charging port on top of the phone? That I just find odd.

    But I can't get it to send/receive MMS messages. Just moving the SIM card over the phone auto entered in the APN info. I've tried changing my SMS app to GO SMS and same thing. The MMS messages just sit there saying "Downloading" and never download.

    I am so frustrated with the previous phones. I just need a fully working phone. I keep getting stuck on these stupid small problems.
    04-03-2016 08:24 AM

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