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    I have been getting insufficient storage notifications when trying to download a new app or i have received notifications that some apps like email wont function properly until i clear up some space in storage.

    I picked up a 64gb SD card thinking that would be the solution, but i must be doing something wrong. After putting the card in and trying to download an app, i still get an insufficient storage notification. So i followed the link to internal storage so that i could clear up some space. I thought i could possibly move apps over to the sd card and would instantly have space in the internal storage. In settings, when i click on Apps and tab over to "on SD card", several apps were already listed as being on the SD Card with 2015 dates of transfer. I just got this SD card today. How is that possible? When i go to storage and look at available space it says 60.17 gb/60.43gb available. When hooking my phone up to my computer and checking folders in the SD storage section it does not show the apps are on there.

    How can i clear up my internal storage with out deleting apps so that i can download more things!?!

    I have an LG Leon LTE
    running android 5.1.1

    04-03-2016 01:59 PM
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    When apps are moved to the sd card, it means that some files contained in the apps are moved to the sd card, not necessarily the apps themselves. The ability to put full apps on your sd card is only currently available, to my knowledge, on the newest devices running stock android marshmallow. Your sd card will free up lots of space on your phone if you move pictures, videos, and music to them.
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    04-03-2016 02:51 PM

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