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    I'd been using ES File Explorer happily until about three weeks ago, and suddenly I can no longer connect to my PC vis LAN (Windows 10). The app scans & finds the computer, but when I type in username and password, nothing happens -- it asks for username and password again.

    It had been working with Win 10 before, for months. No new firewalls or security added on the PC. I'd read that non-alpha-numeric symbols can cause problems (though it hadn't before), so I changed the password, no difference. Same result with a Moto phone running Android 5.1, and a [very] old tablet running 4.0.4

    I get the same [non]response with an array of managers: File Mgr. HD, File Commander, Total Commander, X-Plore, you name it.

    Weird thing? It works on Astro File Manager. So I'm not out of luck, just stumped, and would prefer to go back to ES File Explorer.

    Any ideas?
    04-05-2016 07:48 PM

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