1. anon(8630322)'s Avatar
    I have just discovered that the problem I have, I have misidentified. It had been referred to me as a floating icon but it is

    WIDE TOUCH, version2.52.0828.988b749_all and is 1.17MB

    It was identified through this link :-


    but when I found it in settings, I cleared cache and disabled it, but it didn't move to the list of those disabled and it is still on screen and it still does what it is designed to do,

    BUT I DON'T WANT IT ! How the hell do I disable it please?.
    04-06-2016 01:05 PM
  2. Javier P's Avatar
    Have you already tried disabling Wide Touch in settings - feature?
    04-06-2016 01:09 PM
  3. anon(8630322)'s Avatar
    Would you believe it. I have done it. Until last night, I hadn't known of this Wide Touch feature, or if I did, it had not registered. Then when going to home page and pulling it down, there were umptten options of which Wide Touch was one and highlighted. I changed that and the annoying unnecessary floating icon was gone. Thanks heaven for that.

    But, whilst you are on, I asked my sim only provider, what I could do to disable the leave a phone message facility, they said they would stop them. I do not want to have to listen to messages, if I am not available, they can ring again. Not only that, I have to pay to listen. For a while there were no messages to listen to, but they have started again. Is there anything within settings that I can do to turn this off?.
    04-07-2016 01:43 AM
  4. Javier P's Avatar
    Glad you managed to fix the Wide Touch issue! It seemed quite annoying. About the voicemail, I think you have to insist with your network provider. As far as I know there's no setting in the phone to stop that.
    04-07-2016 05:43 AM
  5. anon(8630322)'s Avatar
    Ok, thanks, I did email them but they haven't replied, so send again.

    Well blow me, look what I found:-

    Hi Colin,
    It's great to hear from you! I'm sorry to hear your voicemail service is active.
    I've taken a look at your account and it is showing the voicemail service is inactive and hasn't been activated since I removed it on 10.03.2016. Can you confirm if you have received a voicemail notification or have called your own number and have been directed to the voicemail service? I'll then be able to investigate this further for you.

    so what do you think I've done? . There are times when I've called my wife and after the call has been terminated, noticed it was still active and that I have to hang up. Do you think that's it?
    04-09-2016 03:17 AM

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