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    Some reset my phone the day after purchase (samsung 5.1.1), updated the google apps that were previously disabled -drive, chrome, hangouts- then made wifi calls.
    A vpn website tells me that the phone is in oklahoma, though the phone and i are somewhere else. (That individual is from that state and had called his mother there).
    I had already reset the phone, wiped the data partition, though the vpn website tells me his account, or something has the identity.
    He had shown me that he can retrieve the location of my phone, and other phone he has used through one of the above google apps.
    Im scared. That guy is sick twisted individual, he also stole some money- turns out he has been stealing from lots of people,- money, cell phones, etc. I am lucky to have my phone still, however, what does he have access to on my phone? Can he see the display or read my logins?
    Would he see what website i am contacting? Does he know my physical location? Do I need to dump this phone and buy anew one?

    Is this common?
    What is it that I should do?
    Samsung phone, running android 5.1.1...
    Thank you so very much..
    04-07-2016 06:05 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! You should definitely contact the authorities. Start with the local police, but this might actually be more of an FBI issue.

    If the authorities don't pursue the case, then I suggest completely abandoning that phone (but first removing the Google account, and then doing a factory reset.

    In any case, you should definitely be changing the passwords to all of your sensitive accounts, starting with your Google account. You should also use 2-step authentication if you don't already.
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    04-07-2016 08:11 PM

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