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    Tried to install a Rom (many problems). Now, when I press the power button, I get 1 single screen (an " Allwinner Tech A33 Quad Core" red logo, with "Allwinner Tech" written under it (all of that is centered on the screen). That is it. Windows 10 shows it as "USB Developer" and loads drivers for it, but it can't be viewed. PhoenixSuit, nor ADB see it at all. I was not able to make a backup of the Rom before hand. I also tried using "PhoenixCard", and the system just stays blank (no screen at all). Soooo.... Can I get it back to its Original state? And, if so............ How?

    Model is..
    Allwinner 7inch A33 TZX723Q3
    OS is ...
    KitKat 4.4
    04-09-2016 03:04 PM
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    OK... so .. here is what has happened now.
    I was able to find a Rom that worked, and my tablet (see above info) is back up (sortof).
    The one I found, has.. no wifi, and all shortcuts and icons are clickable on its oposite side.
    If I want to click an icon at the bottom center of the screen, I have to physically click the upper center of the screen. If the icon is on the lower left, I have to click the screen on the upper right.
    I CANT TAKE IT............... but it is at least up so I can PhoenixCard a closer rom.
    Please, can anyone send me a link to a rom closer to my original, in IMG format.
    Allwinner A33 TZX723Q3 astar_y3 eng 4.4.2 kvt49L20141111
    7 inch 16GB
    04-09-2016 09:10 PM

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