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    It seems like the install program gets stuck in a loop. I have installed all of the drivers and updated drivers from windows update as well with still no luck. Windows vista 64 bit. samsung galaxy s5 phone. without the program it seems I can't transfer my pictures via usb. Is there a fix for this?
    04-11-2016 12:46 AM
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    It's hard to tell what people do with their computers or how they maintain it. That being said, what version of Vista (SP?) are you running? Have you disabled any Services? Do you have Windows Media Player 11 installed? Did you install the Samsung USB drivers?

    When you connect your phone via USB to the computer, the phone will connect as an "Installer"... you must pull down the notification shade and switch it to "MTP" or "PTP" mode... most people use MTP mode. If you have all the correct drivers, programs, and Services running, the phone will be detected and show two folders, "Phone" and "Card". The Card folder will only show if you have an SD installed in the phone. If your computer doesn't launch the phone folder, and you don't see the two folders, look in My Computer and double click on the phone icon.

    There are three things that are needed for the computer to see your phone.

    1) Samsung USB drivers - installed
    2) Windows Media Player 11 - installed (or at least the distribution files installed)
    3) Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver Framework - Service must be running

    If any of the above is disabled, your phone won't be detected by the computer when you plug it in.

    As for Kies I can't help you with it. I don't use it myself as I find it buggy on my XP machines... even though it's supposed to run on XP. What I do instead is simply plug in my phone; the computer shows my folders; and I drag and drop files as needed.

    Someone will inevitably recommend Airdroid, so I may as well post that too. It's for wireless transfer of files. While it does work, it's slower.
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    04-11-2016 05:45 AM
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    Try drag and drop as Nahoku said.
    Also try Samsung Smart Switch for pc for drivers. Smart Switch is mostly a backup program rather than syncing, I can't remember.
    I think they are phasing out Kies in favour of Smart Switch for newer models, or it could be a limitation of Vista, idk.
    Either way you can still access the folders directly.
    04-11-2016 07:59 AM

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