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    Hi everyone, I know my problem is not that serious but I'm going crazy thinking about what could have been wrong. I hope any of you can help me out.

    I set my phone to display notifications from WhatsApp, Twitter, emails etc. It works fine except for twitter notifications. Seems like when I am connected to wifi only then I would receive all notifications that I supposed to receive earlier. If I'm on my mobile data, which is most of the time, I will have to check it manually. I don't know if it's the notification setting problem or twitter itself.

    By the way, I'm using:
    - Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016)
    - Android 5.1.1

    I disable the 'restrict background data', set those apps as priority but only twitter makes such problem.

    I am looking forward for any reply. Thanks in advance
    04-12-2016 01:08 AM

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