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    okay so here's the situation. This has never happened before and my G2 hasn't given me any issue till date. The phone wasn't dropped, the phone wasn't wet, I was just watching a YouTube video when suddenly random 'touches' happened on my phone. The notification bar was pulled down the video was slided aside and **** just started happening randomly. I couldn't control the phone's touch anymore so I just shut off the screen. I turned on the screen hoping that the 'ghost' would go away but there it was, making random patterns on my lock screen. The physical buttons were the only thing in my control so I long pressed the volume up button and QuickMemo came on. There I could see the 'ghost' in action. It was just randomly and very quickly drawing dots, lines etc. all over the screen, so basically the phone is registering random phantom touches. Restarting the phone didn't solve the issue, neither did safe mode so most probably it's a Digitizer hardware issue.

    Now, I don't mind the phone spoiling cuz it was old anyways and I needed to buy a new one. What's more important is that I very urgently require my contacts stored in the phone. I saved all my contacts to google account but apparently it wasn't synced and I'm literally punching myself for being so dumb. My phone was left in charge only mode when I connect it to PC so there is no use of that. When I long pressed the power button to switch off the phone, somehow the Airplane mode got activated.

    What I need right now is a way to operate the phone without using its touchscreen. I just want to sync my google contacts once and then I can send my phone for repairs once I get out of campus which is more than 1 month later, but getting my contacts back is very urgent. Can someone plz tell me how to do it? I'm willing to go through any hacking tools, illegal methods etc. to get my contacts back. Help will be greatly appreciated. Thank You!
    04-12-2016 01:33 AM

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